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The main objective is developing PWDs lives. Specific objectives of BDDT through which it has been trying to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization are -

  • To find out the needs of PWDS ;
  • To provide education and skill development training for the visually impaired persons, physically impaired and other disabled persons
  • To extend earning opportunities to the visually impaired persons and other impaired persons through remunerative employment
  • To extend special assistance/support to women with either physical, visual or audio impaired ness.
  • To rehabilitate the clientele under a rehabilitation programme.
  • To establish residential schools for special education for the welfare of the disabled children.
  • To arrange treatment and rehabilitation services for PWDS
  • To make arrangement for talking and watch library for the disabled
  • To arrange sports and games for PWDs.
  • To established hospital for preventation of disabilities.
  • To organized mobile eye and ear camps to remove visual and additional handicap.
  • To participate in the different discussions conventions, meetings, seminors and Symposium at home and abroad.
  • To implement programs to promote awareness of community people on disability and development issues, education and socio-economic development of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable groups of the community, the disabled people;
  • To Undertake programs for prevention of disability in the community;
  • To Provide educational support and stipend to the talented disabled children and students;
  • Advocacy and lobbying with the policy makers, local authority and the elite groups to restore the rights of the disabled children and persons;
  • To exchange and sharing of experiences of intervention with the other NGOs and parties involved in disability activities;
  • To Promote IGAs for economic self-reliance of the disabled persons or the families of the disabled persons in the community;
  • To Establish effective coordination mechanism between the national and international donor/support agencies and the agencies involved in disability movement;
  • To Promote programs for integrating the disabled persons in to mainstream development of the community;
  • To Publication of newsletters to disseminate information on the day to day matters of the disabled persons and issues related to their development.

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