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Emergency HELP for SIDR affected disabled -


Cyclone Sidr hit the southwestern part of Bangladesh on 15th November 2007 and destroyed all in many coastal districts. Among them Barguna is main affected district. The waves took everything, all animals have been destroyed. According to report by bdnews tropical super cyclone Sidr strikes Bangladesh at category 4 hurricane velocity. According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department cyclone Sidr had a radius of 500 kilometers with the eye of the storm 74 kilometers wide and wind speeds reaching between 220-240 kilometers per hour. Official reports indicated an imaginary figure of death (death 2027, missing 454) but the figure are increasing and non can be confirmed the actual number of death. Dead body was found here and there even in the top of trees. People claim they lack the implements to even dig a grave. No food, no matches to light the fire, no way to burn, no cooking medium, unburied dead body, no cattle to plough the land, no seed to sow, no shops, no transport, century-old trees lie uprooted on the road and broken, people are soliciting food, clothing. Shelter, medicine to survive, money is meaningless and nature mourns in resulting cataclysmic cyclone Sidr affect. The survivor misery has yet to end.

In Barguna district there are five upozila, e.g. Barguna sadar, Bamna, Patharghata, Betagi and Amtoli. Total number of household at Barguna district is 179968. The total number of population in Barguna district is 848554( Barguna sadar 237613, Bamna 69803, Patharghata 162025, Betagi 119356 and Amtoli 259757) .

Bangladesh Disabled Development Trust –BDDT has been working in Barguna District since its inception for developing the Persons with disabilities - PWDs life through Integrated Development Project - IDP. vs. integrated approach between disabled and non-disabled persons. After happening the unfortunate event on 15th November 2007 at Barguna district BDDT has started the relief program among disabled Sidr victims at Barguna district through its project. BDDT is working in 4 upozila of Barguna district except Amtoli. It comes BDDT is working with 588797populations. It is estimated by the United Nations that nearly one in ten people have a disability. That would make nearly 85,000 PWDs in Barguna District and BDDT is working with 58,000 PWDs and their families. BDDT has a strong team of employees working with cyclone victims in distributing relief. They are distributing relief among PWDs at Barguna. Relief team reaching the most destitute Sidr victims with badly needed emergency supplies. BDDT distributed relief among 900 PWDs families with the financial support of Bangladesh Protibandhi kallyan Somity-BPKS. It still collecting relief materials and grand for relief from different individual and organizations and distributing among PWDs. However What relief had been distributed was grossly inadequate. Beside the relief program BDDT will implement rehabilitation project for the Cyclone affected PWD at Barguna district.

Help the Cyclone Sidr affected PWDs – E-mail: info@bddt.org


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