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Bangladesh Disabled Development Trust-BDDT is a non-governmental voluntary organization, working for developing the ultimate status of persons, women and children with disabilities by providing training, rehabilitation services, promotion of rights, education support, and employment. By status the Trust is a corporate body registered under the Trusts Act 1882 and the Trust shall have an independent legal identity. BDDT has a board of trustees of five members. This Board of trustees is functioning as Apex policy making body of BDDT.

As Bangladesh is one of the most disadvantaged developing countries in the world. It is continuing with poverty, illiteracy, lack of health facilities and other basic rights, which mark our national life adversely. Therefore, it has become the responsibility of all to build an infrastructure of a prosperous Bangladesh. The government has initiated different programs for our national development. But it is very difficult for the government alone, to achieve an ultimate success. As such, initiative and cooperation from both the public and private sectors is essential. An integrated effort could only make it a success.

In response to the above circumstances, BDDT has come forward and started working through some humanitarian initiatives. BDDT is an Organization, working in the community to uphold the basic human rights for all. Our main focus is to improve the ultimate living condition of the disabled persons, disadvantaged, distressed, poor and the people in social discrimination. Children are the most important and prime stakeholders of BDDT.

BDDT is basically a resource organization committed to explore and mobilize available resources for betterment of the persons with disabilities of the country. This organization has a wide range of experiences to demonstrate innovative approaches towards consolidating disability movement of Bangladesh.



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